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About me

I am JTP, an abbreviation of my comprehensive given name, not uncommon in de Catholic Church of those days. I studied biology in Utrecht and fled from Holland right after my graduation to start a career in Curaçao, a former Dutch colony in the southern Caribbean. During my retirement I began writing: fiction and non-fiction of which the overlap has my personal preference. Especially from beneath the palm trees the human world has become a nerve wrecking undertaking where hypes, hoaxes and lies dominate. The articles that I write for this blog try to give an informative and sometimes provocative view of the world and people. Serious reactions are welcome.

This blog is mainly written in English, complimented by Dutch texts if the subject lends itself to it. In My Books you’ll find books already published and (parts of) books that are in the run-up to do so.

(J. Bicker, 2019, b.1950)