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The beast climbed up the table, attracted by the smell of gone stale beer. It was night, but from the ceiling burned a light that bothered him, even more than that person, who sat half asleep in a chair at the table. The man slowly opened his eyes and almost immediately focused on the insect. The beast raised its front legs and looked sharp at the man’s face.
‘I know, you want to kill me now, don’t you?’
Surprised the man straightened his body.
‘Yes, keep calm; nothing to worry about; I only came on that delicious smelly beer; you should have drunk it all.’
‘Since when you nasty beasts talk?’
‘I’m not talking, but you think that I talk. Doesn’t matter, if only we understand each other.’
The man frowned in disbelieve.
‘Who do you think that you are, you people? Do you know how many of us you killed? Millions. With newspapers, with shoes, that’s not so bad, but those pesticides that you guys use. It takes hours before we die a painful death. And why, I wonder, why?’

The man took a deep breath and smiled.
‘Well, that I will explain that to you in detail. First, you eat our food, secondly, you come with all sorts of diseases and thirdly you are dirty scary beasts that always pop up unexpectedly.’
The beast shook his head, which made his long antennas move gracefully.
‘Oh, little upset now? Touchy? Well, let me tell you that we cleanup your decaying waste, that those diseases are your diseases and not ours and what you guys think about our appearance is nothing more than a value judgment, which is entirely arbitrary.’
The man scowled in a mixture of astonishment and upcoming anger.
‘Oh, we’re playing intelligent now? Let me tell you this, dirty monstrosity, we humans control the whole world and we can do whatever we want with pests like you, do you understand?’
While the man fulminated, the beast polished its antennas with its middle legs.
‘Aggressive little folks, that’s what you are. Stupid and arrogant, you know, and I will tell you why. We habited this planet three hundred million years ago and lived off the shit of dinosaurs. You weren’t even on the drawing board by then. There are tens of billions of us around the world. Everyone is afraid of us. We eat everything. We don’t need anything from you. We are the Kings of the night. Get that into your head.’
The man laughed sneering now.
‘You guys are considered the most primitive beasts in the world. In all those millions of years you made no progress in whatever sense. You possess no intelligence and I wonder if you have brains. You can create nothing, design nothing; you can only eat and reproduce. That is the lowest life form one can think of. And you tell me that we are stupid? Get lost.’
Now it was for to the beast to smile.
‘You have a real problem. From the time you started, about three million years ago, you first acted acceptable. After that you have developed, you made progress, as they say. Why do you think that happened? Because you weren’t any good. Better said, you sucked. You had to be adjusted again and again and it was never enough. And then you had to adjust the world to you. Do you not understand that this never ends? Your existence is a vicious spiral and goes on until the bubble explodes. We indeed never changed, because we were perfect from the start. And that we will stay forever, even if you are no longer here.’
The man shook his head at this humiliating flood of words. He stood up and folded a newspaper.
‘You know, if there is one thing I don’t like, that is that ugly snout of yours.’
He raised his newspaper on and hit it hard on the table. The beast looked at him from a distance and disappeared into the darkness.